How we got here–Day Three:

We are home!!!! YAY!!!! The day was a long and incredibly emotionally draining one– met with LOTS of medical folks…physical, occupational, respiratory therapists; wound care nurse (for some skin breakdown issues that are starting to surface); doctors; home care folks; social worker; pharmacist; and palliative care team (three of them!!!). The tough part was that everyone seemed to be on the same page in terms of L’s prognosis.

Here is what the immediate plan is:
1. The pneumonia will continue to be treated with meds for at least another week — BUT these are meds he can take at home and he is responding well to those meds.
2. Starting as early as tomorrow we will have a parade of home care people showing up–a nurse to check the skin issues, therapists of all varieties, and hopefully a home health aide to assist L with showering until he can regain some strength.
3. A week from tomorrow we will be meeting with L’s pulmonology team and the palliative care team. L does qualify for hospice (meaning his prognosis is six months or less) but for now we have opted to go the route of home care to palliative care to hospice rather than jumping straight to hospice.

BOTTOM LINE: no one knows what the coming days, weeks, months may hold–he may indeed find one more burst of strength and stamina; they may come up with some miracle drug; anything is possible and we are certainly not giving up–just being realistic. To put this in the sports terms that many of us understand–as one doctor told L yesterday: You are in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. Well, there’s still one more out!!


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