Just back from Chicago–part business and part memory lane. Chicago was where L and I fell in love and it has always been very very special to me. So when I had the chance to go into the city for business I decided to stay overnight and take a little sentimental journey. I visited several places that were all landmarks of the times L and I shared there. Most of the places are no longer actually there–like where I worked and lived while there–but the neighborhoods are still there and so are the memories. Wonderful wonderful memories of laughter and tears and long walks and serious talks and just being young and in love.

I am realizing with the passing of each day how very very important it is to look back and appreciate all we shared–not in a maudlin, sorrowful way and with NO regret. Rather in a way that makes me smile at the memories and even from time to time brings on the tears. They are tears of sadness, of course. But they are also tears of appreciation for the time we had–and the fact that overall we did not waste it. Each day was a treasure for us–sometimes we missed seeing the treasure in it but the number of days we spent fully aware of just how fortunate we were to have found each other far outdistances those days when we forgot. How do I explain a love story so fulfilling–so strong–that it has indeed continued beyond the grave? I had him in body for decades, but I am beginning to understand that I will have him in spirit for eternity.


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