8/24/12: Another “sign”…

In an earlier post I talked about waking up one morning to find six-foot tall hollyhocks in full bloom (a deep red) in the flower bed outside our living room window. I talked about how the sight of them made me smile–and laugh out loud and about how I knew this was L sending me the signal he’d promised. Well, last week I got another signal…and like the hollyhocks it made me laugh as well.

L loved public radio especially shows like Car Talk, Prairie Home Companion, and Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. I tended to prefer listening to a CD whenever we were in my car. But every time we got in the car (usually toward the end with me driving) L would switch from the CD to public radio. I would sigh heavily and roll my eyes and at the end of our trip turn back to my CD. Well, last Saturday I got in the car to run the usual weekend errands. I have not had the radio on all summer. I have occasionally had a CD playing but rarely. You also need to know that switching from CD player to radio is a defined move and does not happen automatically. I pressed the power button prepared to hear music and what comes on but Car Talk!! I had to pull to the side of the road until I could stop laughing!

Now I know there are at least a dozen explanations for how this might have happened that have nothing to do with messages and signals sent from the Great Beyond. But humor me, folks. Every day is its own struggle and if I want to believe that L is trying to make things a little easier in exactly the way he made life easier for everyone watching him die over the last several months, then so be it. I only hope that for those of you making  your own journey through widow(er)hood that there are occasional signals that bring you comfort and laughter!!!


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