6/26/12: Home Again…

The week in Madison was exactly what I expected and needed–moments of bitter and moments of sweet; a little pain and a lot of good stuff; new connections made; new lessons learned. In short: I’m so glad I did this.

Home was a new reality–not as difficult coming back into the home we shared as I might have thought but still my only greeting was silence. I got my plant containers resettled into their places after clustering them in one spot so my friend could water them (in the 90 degree heat!) and was glad to see that everything had survived. I awoke on Sunday morning and opened the shades to look out at the patio and noticed for the first time hollyhocks in full bloom (see photo in the banner of my website at http://www.booksbyanna.com ). I laughed out loud — for years L teased me about never wanting me to plant hollyhocks. “They attract bees,” he declared with that twinkle that told me he was simply giving me a hard time. It became a running joke between us. Every planting season I would plant a hollyhock somewhere in the yard and announce that I had done so. He would react with mock horror. The thing was that no  matter how many times I planted them the hollyhocks NEVER bloomed–until now. So you decide who got the last laugh!!!


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