6/21/12– Day 4 of Madison Retreat

Couple of things came to mind today…

First I realized that one of the appeals of Madison for L and me has always been the energy–the campus even in the quieter days of summer throbs with activity and life. There’s a feeling of new beginnings as I sit on the Terrace at the Union and watch young people in their prime living out what is hopefully some of the best times of their lives. Sometimes I see younger kids–even toddlers–and think about someday when they are old enough to come to school here…and build those memories that they will carry with them all their lives–friendships they will cherish.  And I know when I go to the farmer’s market on Saturday there will be a different kind of energy. At either end of State Street there is a wonderful acceptance of the diversity of people–ages, ethnic groups, gender–as well as a kind of feeling that it’s possible to open new doors –even to start over.

And that brings me to the second observation–it has been a week of new beginnings in many ways–the start of some new connections that I hope will continue, the flitting idea of new possibilities for how my life might look going forward. There is no denying that it has shifted to an entirely new–and scary–plateau, but there are possibilities as L always reminded me there would be. Then I did not want “new”–I wanted him and our life. Now I have no choice–or actually I do — I can choose to embrace the idea of possibility or not. Stay tuned.


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