6/20/12–Day 3 Madison Retreat

Another 90+ day–L would hate it mostly because he wouldn’t have been able to breathe. I like to think that now he’s breathing free–running, hiking, biking–doing all the stuff he loved and had to let go of as his health deteriorated. (BTW I’m not delusional–I do get it that he’s no longer breathing period but that spirit–his wonderful courageous indomitable spirit–THAT cannot be shut down!)

Class today was good–everybody feeling more open and connected. I didn’t sleep last night for some reason–went to bed at 1:30 and woke up for good at 4. The others critiqued my work today and I got some really good feedback and insights into how others are reading the story. Really appreciate that and it inspires me to keep going. I walked over to the Chasen Art Museum and saw a remarkable glass exhibit–some really beautiful pieces. And there were some majopr paintings and sculptures that L would have loved.

Did not do the Terrace today–somehow I have the sense that L is driving me to work while I’m basically in this place with little else to do. I’m looking forward to Thursday when it’s supposed to cool off and I will take longer walks along the lake path and over the the gardens we always loved. ..and I will scatter some ashes.

The adventure continues and I can really feel L here–my therapist was right in reminding me that “grief travels” but the good news seems to be that so doies that comforting spirit!! Til tomorrow…


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