5/20/12: Changing from Journey TO to Journey THROUGH…

First of all if anyone knows how I might change the title of the blog, HELP!!

What I am realizing is that dealing with facing the final months of L’s life was a walk in the park compared to facing life without him. The house seems suddenly far too big and the rooms empty. The “firsts” continue as I sort through clothing and drawers and papers. Today I found the exercises that L did after he had his brain tumor removed–his writing was childlike at first but as he did everything else he kept practicing until it was better. I also got back to work on my current novel knowing that L will not read this one as he did all the others.

The service was amazing and truly a celebration of L’s life. The music was upbeat Broadway. Four of his friends offered tributes–some sweet, some funny and one a song–how that friend held it together to sing is beyond me!! The reception featured enough food to feed a small third world country. The cards and tribute are still coming by the dozens. Among those who attended were people I worked with years ago, friends of friends who Larry touched with his gentle attention to every individual and the children of our friends–grown now but mourning their “Uncle.”.

And now the days have passed–the out-of-town company has departed; the friends–including the men–call to check in and I am beginning this new journey. Somehow it seems especially appropriate that it is a stormy night with thunder and blustery winds.


2 thoughts on “5/20/12: Changing from Journey TO to Journey THROUGH…

  1. Yes, the firsts are staggering and the journey much harder than imagined. I thought I was so prepared….

    PS: I think there is a “re-name this blog option in one of the dashboard menus.

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