4/12/12: Is there such a stage a PRE-grieving?

Yeah, I think there is.For us I think this stage could also be called the calm before the storm. We know what’s coming but we have been blessed with this time together.

L and I have now been on this journey for several months now and as each day unfolds with only minute changes to his condition I realize how very much I have changed (and for the better). Was it only last fall that I was whining about how we “had no future”? Feeling sorry for myself that we could not do things we had enjoyed in the past? Silently walking through life with a face that screamed “POOR ME”? And yet these days I feel such a calm comfort in the very fact that new days dawn and we are both still here–able to enjoy our life together, our friends and family, the things that have become our new routine. Faced with the opportunity to travel–an opportunity L has encouraged–I find that I am reluctant to do so. Why would I want to miss a single precious day that we might share?


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