Leap Day Ramblings (2/29/12)

I always associate Leap Year with Election year as in presidential election. L and I are both avid news junkies so following the circus that passes for political debate these days is a fascinating hobby for us both. I will so miss our discussions (and laughs) about issues, candidates, etc. It’s the same with sports–we LOVE college basketball (as well as other sports) and as March Madness approaches it occurs to me that this may well be out last chance to pick our teams and follow them. So many things these days strike me as “last time” things–would love to be wrong about that and sometimes — like now — when L’s health seems more stable I dare to hope. His b’day was last week and lots of people baked goodies for him since he’s pencil thin (and always has been) and loves to eat (and can do so with no problem in the weight department). His sister made chocolate pudding and chocolate chip cookies both from their mother’s recipe and brought them over. She also brought with her a bouquet of the most gorgeous sunset-colored rose I have ever seen. Turns out L asked her to get them—for me. I found some silica gel in the garage and am desperately trying to preserve at least one bloom–I will definitely save the petals even if they do dry out and fade. When I saw the roses and realized what he’d done I thought about all the times early in our marriage when I cried because he placed no importance on my need for tokens of his love–I wouold gladly trade all those tears and the tokens that followed to know I would have him with me for years to come.


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