Wednesday, January 25–If laughter is indeed the best medicine…

Then we need to laugh more so we’re on a mission to laugh out loud at least once every day. On the other hand sometimes tears can be very very consoling and watching the resignation of Gabby Giffords from Congress this morning L and I both had tears streaming down our cheeks. Felt really good!!!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 25–If laughter is indeed the best medicine…

  1. I am in the 31st month of being without my beloved husband. Initially, I wondered if I would ever laugh again… It took classmates of years ago to have brought about the first laughter…which I will forever treasure them for. As to tears, every room within our home and the car, had tissue boxes and they needed to be replaced…OFTEN! Those tears still come…yesterday had a real “tear time”…but I have found that they are exceedingly healing. I am grateful for both laughter and tears now…in a way I don’t believe I ever appreciated before. Forever loving and missing my husband. My heart is with you and your “L”. GOD bless you both and all who love you each.

      1. You are more than welcome… I will continue from time to time. If you find yourself with questions about this journey, you may feel the freedom to ask.

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