January 17–Snow Day

To add to an already surreal world that we are living in, we awoke to a swirling snow that looked like we were trapped inside one of those shake-em-up snow globes for most of the morning. Good day to stay in.
A friend called from Florida to say he was planning to come for a visit this weekend–people are trying to understand the urgency of the situation and its hard to discourage them from coming in spite of the weather. The truth is that for now we seem to be in a positive holding pattern–making it even more difficult to accept that this will change and not for the better.

Yesterday we watched our college basketball team’s game on TV–for forty years we went to scrimmages and games in person. Our first real date was to a scrimmage in a musty old gym on the urban campus. This team has always been very special to us even though neither of us went to school there. So many wonderful memories tied to games and tournaments and kidding around with rival fans.

The snow also brings back a ton of memories–the first time that L tried to take me ice skating and my phobia related to falling would not allow me to let go and enjoy. The time we went walking on the frozen river near our house. The walks we took in the snow at night. Shoveling the long narrow driveway at our first house when the snow came so often that we ran out of places to put it. Crazy hats and sweaters that L bought for me in an attempt to stop my complaints about always being cold…

So many wonderful memories to warm us in these dark cold days of the winter we are facing in our lives now.


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