The journey begins…

Late in 2011, my husband and I learned that we were coming to the end of one long journey and beginning another far more challenging one.

For years his pulmonary hypertension (and assorted other health issues) had been managed through a combination of medicine, therapies and his own indomitable spirit and will to keep going. We suddenly found ourselves in a whole new place where the locals spoke  in terms of ‘palliative care,’ hospice, and ‘comfort care.’   We have no GPS for this journey. We have no timeline or schedule–weeks? months? years? We do know the inevitable end of the road–for us as a couple, for my husband and for me.

Much has been written after the fact by those suffering the loss of a spouse or life partner. As a writer by profession I felt the need to record the journey as it happened. I doubt that I will always be a sympathetic character/voice in all of this–after all I am not the one facing the end of MY life. I suspect there will be times when I will indulge in self-pity and when anyone reading this will have the urge to shake me hard, but I will not sugarcoat this.

My goal is simple–to document the journey however long it lasts–and perhaps along the way to offer hope and empathy for others  (and gain wisdom from them) as we travel this same difficult road.


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